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A sombre, dismal day

Ashburton was cloaked by grey skies, and rain fell, as the town remembered one year since the Winz (more)

Rock fall damages walkway

250815 rock damage to Sharplin Falls walkway 01222faesture

Mid Canterbury’s iconic Sharplin Falls walk may not re-open in (more)

Flag should stay, says RSA

Flag- final four22222feature

The president of Ashburton’s RSA is firmly in favour of keeping (more)

A community remembers

010915-TM_050Wreaths sidefsatuter

Friends, colleagues and community members gathered yesterday (more)

250815 rock damage to Sharplin Falls walkway 01222faesture

Rock fall damages walkway

Mid Canterbury’s iconic Sharplin Falls walk may not re-open in time for the summer tramping season. A favourite with Mid Canterbury (more)

260815-TM_043 Anne Skelton, Julie Greig Tutorfesatsuer

Sharing artistic expertise

Renowned New Zealand painter Julie Greig (right) shared her expertise with aspiring artists, including Anne Skelton, at the Ashburton (more)

Flag- final four22222feature

Flag should stay, says RSA

The president of Ashburton’s RSA is firmly in favour of keeping New Zealand’s current flag. While much of the country is abuzz with (more)

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010915-TM_090 Maggie Tarry Ashburton College Footballfesature

College girls tackle St Kevin’s

Ashburton College’s girls’ football team will lock horns with Oamaru’s St Kevin’s College in the Gary Sowden Cup at the Ashburton (more)

Ashburton College Girls Basketball Medalsfeature

Final ‘a game too far’

Ashburton College’s junior girls’ basketball team’s dreams of an unbeaten season ended with a 72-50 loss to Dunedin’s St Hilda’s (more)

310815-TM_028Dale Stanley Mt Somers Rugbyfeature

Clubs urged to help out

Mt Somers Rugby Club president Dale Stanley is calling for the nine Mid Canterbury clubs to donate to Glenmark following last Friday’s (more)

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Women told to utilise social media

Rural women should not be afraid to engage and be pro-active in social media, according to a senior communications manager in Federated (more)

Andrew Hoggard

Breaking down barriers

When examining the current low dairy payout there are a number of factors that come into play. One overriding issue is the protected (more)

Sandra Curd

Curd re-elected president

The status quo remains at Mid Canterbury Rural Women with Sandra Curd re-elected as president at the annual general meeting (more)

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310815-TM_003 St Joseph's School kids Chess222fesatuer

Chess team victorious

A team of young chess whizzes from St Joseph’s School has taken out the top spot in a regional competition. Pupils Kyle Manangkil, Jet (more)

Chris Murphy

School camps may become relics

School camps could be axed and staff could refuse to take on management roles under controversial new health and safety rules, according to (more)

210815-AK_001Dash feature

Welcome makeover for reserve

Over 50 volunteers piled into 18 highly decorated vehicles descended on Longbeach School yesterday, to take part in a working-bee. The (more)

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Stu Oldham

Pragmatic decisions still have consequences

Ratepayers will hope council advisers and decision makers will spend more time considering risk in the wake of a dispute that made car parks (more)

Andrew Dalziel

Effecting structural change

Last week I was in Wellington as part of a representative group of local government chief executives who meet periodically with their (more)


Letters to the Editor, September 2 2015

A Law Unto Themselves As the writer of A Law Unto Themselves, the Methven Theatre Company’s most recent production, and having attended (more)

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Spring is just around the corner

With only one month to go before spring hits us, it is a good time to get prepared and organised for those of you that suffer from spring (more)

Pumpkin, almond and feta salad

The winter bounty

Albeit the garden is going through its rest period at this time of the year, it does still yield (miraculously, I might add) the fruits of our (more)

Libby and Ayaka try out a toboggan at the Staveley Ice Rink.

Rediscovering Canterbury

What’s red, sweaty, in pain and losing a lung like a sickly hogget? That would be me, after fellow mum (and the most organised person I (more)

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2.88.488 First RSA 119 fesature

Bringing back the memories

While we each have our allotted tasks, here in the museum we share many of the day-to-day duties. At the moment, I’m the one who hoists (more)

The former pavilion in the Ashburton Domain oval.

Pavilion 10 years in the making

Few major projects happen in Ashburton without extensive debate and often with heated exchanges. None would illustrate this more than a (more)

Night Cart Ashburtonfaseutes

Unseen, but essential . . .

I am still working through the county council material. I have waded through minutes and cash books and am now on to the “bitsy” end (more)

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Mens Health

Good, but things could be better

In the wake of Relationships Aotearoa’s closure a new provider has stepped up to provide anger management services. The national (more)

Dementia Carers upskill as part of the CDHB’s Walking in Another’s Shoes. Back row: Jiya Varghese (clinical manager), Georgina Black, Andrea Mitchell (regional manager), Mele Mahoni, Estela Lopez, Mele Vaipulu. Front row: Khushali Patel, Tatiana Vallejo, Manea Yala Ngutu. 
Photo Kate Spence

Staff members receive aged care qualifications

Staff members at Princes Court Dementia Care were recently acknowledged for receiving their aged care qualifications. Princes Court’s (more)

Mens Health

Transforming healthcare

    Ashburton will soon have its own integrated health alliance. Healthcare providers, leaders and professionals from within (more)

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